MRA Statement on Health Directive 16

Survey About Closing Dining Rooms
September 29, 2021
NRA Summary of PPP 2nd Draw: Helping Restaurants & Small Businesses
September 29, 2021

Restaurants are, in fact, among the safest places to be due to social distancing, mask requirements, and numerous other regulations ensuring the safety of our staff and guests.  Local, state and national data (see links below) bear out the truth that restaurants are not a significant source of transmission, yet our local officials continue to unreasonably single out the restaurant industry.  We are disappointed with the Health Department’s decisions and continued lack of communication and are asking for the support of our membership, employees, and community by contacting community leaders to push back against this injustice. Shutting restaurants down drives the public to higher-risk, unregulated, private gatherings.


COVID-19 Critical Indicators (TN Department of Health)  (refer to page 6)

New York reveals some state-level contact tracing data

Nashville Mayor says COVID surge from community spread not restaurants or local businesses

How much are restaurants contributing to the spread of COVID-19 in LA County?

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