Cake Pricing

Prices for Cake:

All of our cakes are 4 layers of cake and 3 layers of icing.

Buttercream decorated cakes are $4.50 per slice (depending on detail of decoration)

Fondant decorated cakes are $6.00 per slice (depending on detail of decoration)

We are more than happy to deliver your cake to you for a $15.00 fee. (unless you live out of the area, and then it is a slight bit more) Wedding cake delivery is $50.00.

Off The Square Is NOT responsible for any cake once it has left our building or once we have delivered it, and there will be NO REFUNDS  for any cake that is damaged after this time. If it breaks while we are transporting it, we will do everything we can to fix it or give you money back. So if you are ordering a cake that is more than 1 tier or has a lot of decorations, I would Highly Recommend you have us deliver it.  Cakes are Very Fragile, and if it is important enough to buy a nice cake, then the delivery fee should be worth it get there safely.

Basic buttercream cake with writing only are:

6″ (feeds 4-6)  $15.00

8″ (feeds 10-12)       $24.00

10″ (feeds 16-18)      $35.00

12″  (feeds24-26)     $46.00

1/2 sheet  (feeds 40-50)  $50.00

whole sheet cake (feeds 90-100)  $95.00

Petit Fours: Please allow at least 2 days notice when ordering petit fours.

Our petit fours are $2.00 each or $24.00 per dozen

We make white, strawberry and white with lemon curd in the middle. These have a white or colored glaze.

We make a choclate petit four with a layer of white icing in the middle and a chocolate glaze.


Basic cupcakes are $2.00 each

specialty cupcakes (specialty decorations on top) will be priced based on detail of decoration. Call for quote.

Sugar Cookies:

Decorated sugar cookies are $3.00 each for standard 3-4 in size. If larger cookie needed, please call for quote.

Cake Flavors

Off The Square can pretty much make any flavor cake that you would like…
but our most popular flavors are:

Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, almond, lemon, orange, red velvet, yellow, marble, german chocolate and devils food.

Fillings and Icings:
We do two types of buttercreams, a traditional buttery buttercream, and a much sweeter version, which is what most people around here are used to.  We can make our buttercream any flavor you like, but vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter, hazelnut, lemon, and strawberry are our most popular. We also make a delicious cream cheese frosting as well as a mocha, german chocolate and caramel icing.

For fillings, we make a delicious pastry cream that can be flavored (vanilla, chocolate, espresso are most popular). We also make a delicious raspberry sauce and a lemon curd that can be used as a filling as well as fresh fruits.