Beef tenderloin  $9.00pp

Pork tenderloin $5.50pp

Shrimp and grits $5.75pp

Mini chicken pastries $4.75pp

Mini chicken and waffles with praline syrup $4.75pp

Ham and biscuits $4.75pp

Egg and sausage casserole $5.00pp

Egg and Spinach casserole $5.00pp

Scrambled eggs with cheese $4.00pp

Quiche $5.00pp- Ask for flavors

Bacon $3.50pp

Sausage $3.50pp

Cheese grits $ 3.50pp

Hash brown casserole $4.00pp

French toast casserole- really good… a favorite $4.75pp

Fruit- either marinated fruit or a fruit platter $4.50pp

Roasted asparagus $3.50pp

Asparagus wrapped in prosciutto  $4.50pp

Wrapped asparagus bundles with Parmesan $4.25pp

Biscuits with butter and jams $2.50pp

Scones with assorted butters $2.50pp

Assorted muffins $2.00pp

Mini muffins $1.00pp

Mini Almond croissants $3.25pp

Baked brie with sauted apples and pecans $4.25pp

Assorted mini tarts or petit fours $ 2.75 per person and $1.75 pp

Cheesestraws- $50 per large tin, $30 per med tin