About Us * Matthew


Matthew Coveny has been a professional caterer and cook for the better part of twenty years. He grew up in Washington DC surrounded by a variety of multicultural and international influences, learning to cook for himself and others at a young age. Being adept in many artistic disciplines, he studied fine arts at The School of Visual Arts in New York, after which he lived in Italy for a time. Years of traveling and living around the US brought him back to Washington where he discovered his affinity for high-end catering. At first just a way to save up money for the next adventure, it soon became a way of life and in short order he found himself helping to lead the top catering team in Key West, Florida. Almost a decade later in 2013, fate brought him to Memphis where he fell in with Off the Square, finding its integrity and refreshing down-to-earth character a perfect fit. Matt brings with him an extensive knowledge of different cuisines and service styles, and his aesthetic background not only enriches our food presentation but also our specialty cake decorations.