Catering * From our Fridge to Your Table

We are open for Square Meals pick up Wednesday through Friday 10am-1pm and 3pm-6pm
**delivery available for a fee


for 2- $8

for 4 - $15
for 8 - $25

except those with a * which are:
for 2- $9

for 4 - $18
for 8 - $30

Our menu is always changing, but if there is something that you love, call us ahead of time and we will make it for you!

Just a few of our specialities

Chicken and rice casserole

Rotel chicken spaghetti

* Shrimp and grits

Veggie and beef lasagna


* Beef burgundy

Shepherd's pie

Chicken pot pie

* Baked bries

French toast casserole

Always Available

We always have a nice supply of Mammaw's Cheesestraws, Biscotti, and Macarooms available.